Each week, I will share an episode from a serialised piece of fantasy fiction set in the world of The Lesser Evil. This is not Grimdark—there is hope here—but it is certainly on the darker end of the spectrum. And a quick glimpse at the titles might give you an inkling that there is a lot of death…

At the time of writing, I have six stories—whether novelettes, novellas, or novels—which I have crafted in this sequence, with a further pair drafted. Once these are complete, I shall be working on a longer trilogy featuring many of the characters and locations introduced in these tales. In short, consider the Tales of The Lesser Evil a very long prologue.

Once each story is fully shared here on Substack, it shall remain free for a time, then be paywalled, with additional ebook download options made available for paying subscribers.

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Click on the titles to be taken to each story:

Only One Death

At its heart, Only One Death takes the well-loved trope of a group of adventurers on a quest, then turns this upside down and inside out, demonstrating how danger, secret motives and hidden desires can swiftly tear apart the strongest of groups—and Dhinal’s group is not the strongest. Not by a long way.

Dust and Death

Demonstrating the power of love and trust, Dust and Death continues the story of Dhinal and Strings, pushing them and their relationship into a place they never dreamt possible. To learn dark, dark secrets and desperate truths is a strain—and the truths Dhinal and Strings uncover are truly terrifying in their scope.

Death and Taxes

Death and Taxes—the only certainties in life—examines the lengths one woman will go to in order to provide security for her family. Lengths which keep getting longer and longer. Get it right and Merie will be free. If not, there’ll be four more orphans on the streets.

A Clean Death

An assassin, her apprentice, and one final murder. A city where it is law to wear a mask in public. And someone — or something — hiding in the shadows. Something which wants them to fail. Fatally.

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