Alexander!! What an epic essay. I'm saving The Tale of John Randell for later today. Thank you for your questions.

Before I comment, I should mention I mistakenly unsubscribed to The Crow's Nest when reviewing my bulging list of subscriptions. I have rectified that.

I lived on Narragansett Bay during my 40's. Ever since sailing camp, I had dreamed of living by the water. I found work with a welder. He was known up and down the east coast as the guy who could make a bow rail, or whatever the customer designed, look as if it came with the original boat design. I learned how to use tools, I learned how to balance on the bow in a storm using tools, and I learned how to hang off the stern using tools. I wrote for the local magazine.

Seventeen years ago, the taxes, the ticks, and the tourists became too much. We headed south looking for a softer time.

In the way of ever widening circles, today the Supreme Court addresses another environmental case. It involves monitoring how much herring is hauled out of the sea, who monitors the hauls, and who pays for the monitor. And yet it's about a really big issuse-the Chevron decision. Once again, a tiny case will likely overturn some really practical ways of keeping the fish in the sea, the wetlands protected, the air clean, and more species from going extinct.

What's wacky is that some of the plaintiffs are from that very village where I lived, worked, and wrote. To be continued.🌱

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This is riveting. I love the essay you include before your fiction, and I was totally involved in John Randall's story. But the descriptions of battling to survive the sea - wow! I'm exhausted...

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Was totally drawn in the Randall story -- you mentioned you wrote it 10 years ago, will this be published?

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I read this while walking Alex, breaking a cardinal sin to do so but I’m so glad I did!

I agree with Susannah, your essay is an exquisite anthem to the sea and her legends and the story the perfect follow up. No matter when you wrote it! Enviable work... enviable words.

Have you had big snow this week? We missed it by about 40 kilometres, there is a ring of white all around us but here winter sludge brown still - there’s no justice in MN this winter!

Have a a great weekend.

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