Kees! Kees what did you do?!

I knew Bab didn’t take his own life.

So, the thing that is really standing out to me is that although I loved Bab a great deal, and felt such sympathy for Vivika and Galea, not to mention Dhinal and Strings... I’m not actually that mad at Kees.

I think I still like Kees.

I mean, wow, I did not see this ending coming, and that is *not* who I thought Kees was, but... I would absolutely like to read more stories with her featured. I think that is a testament to how well you have given life to your characters throughout this story, that a reader is able to want more of all of them even though Kees has done something pretty monstrous.

I am very glad there is more story coming with Dhinal and Strings. This doesn’t feel like the end for them.

What an excellent serialized short story. Really. I think you should be very happy with what you have done here. And most importantly (from my selfish perspective as a reader!) keep writing! I really think you have something special with these characters.

I am so glad I found your Substack!

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