I resolved to try and just pick my one favorite line to share, but I can't stick with just one. There are just so many little moments in your writing that stand out and resonate with me.

"The dawn was beautiful, but the sun lit a despondent group." Such a beautiful line.

This section does so much work: "The magician looked exhausted from the walk ... He had almost cried when he had placed his sand-glass in a crack in a boulder, turning it one last time and then walking away." It tells me so much about Chimal, makes me wonder once again whether he is a charlatan or not, and is *also* just a wonderfully evocative image.

There are so many other wonderful lines as well, such as when the group discovers the bundles in the tree. As for the story itself, the narrative... *heavy sigh* I knew Bab was going to be next, but I am so sad it happened. It feels right for the story, don't mistake me, but I didn't want it to happen! I don't think he took his own life, but that possibility does feel plausible and I am curious to learn more. But, ah, poor Bab. Poor, poor Bab.

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